Sunday, October 17, 2010

Indian Summer

The flowers are living on borrowed time. They keep putting frost warnings and snow in the forecast and taking them out again, but it will happen soon. I brought in all the tomatoes last week when a frost was a possibility and now we have green tomatoes lined up on the window sill to ripen. This weekend I dug the beets an carrots and cut back more flowers. We will remember this summer as the one

  • Carrie grew the smallest cherry tomatoes we have ever seen
  • We couldn't keep up with the rhubarb, but did keep up with the zucchini
  • Nathan and Stacy planted their first garden
  • Tita, Ricky and Sarah, Roger and Lynda came to visit
  • Kaiden discovered the moon
  • Kaiden renamed Dave 'Hat'
  • Kaiden talked about balls, birds, bugs, planes, monkeys and SpongeBob

We had a very good summer


Jeanie said...

Oh no, not Spongebob. I never can figure out why the kids like that character, but they do.
It sounds like you had a great summer.

weather said...
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grammy said...

Kind of a crazy Fall
Bye-bye Flowers
as Kaiden would say (o: