Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have a friend who decided she was going to give only gifts this Christmas which were made in the USA.  When she announced this back in August, she made it clear she wasn't asking anyone else to do this for her, it was something she felt she needed to do.  When I waited until a few days before her birthday in October, I failed.  Everything I looked at was made in China.  I finally settled for items not made in China. 

We got together a couple weeks ago for Tito's and another friend's birthday.  She and her husband found gifts for both of them made in the USA and she gave us an update of her journey.  Instead of buying tins at Walmart to package homemade goodies for her workmates, she found canning jars are made in the USA and will be using them this year.  She has found small companies making handcrafted items.  She went to Hallmark for Christmas cards and found although single cards are printed here, the boxed cards are not.  With the help of a clerk they found the UNICEF cards are printed here, so that is what she is sending. 

I thought making gifts would be the answer, but you have to search to find fabric and yarn that is not made in China.  It took some time and thought, but I have managed to find items made in the USA.  I have e-mailed companies when they do not list manufacturing info on their web-site.  The answer is usually China.  I thank them for their response and tell them I am only interested in purchasing items made in America.  I have found clerks in most stores helpful, but I am most impressed with The Container Store.  They have a section on their web site of items Made in the USA. 

I admire my friends conviction and by speaking out she has a few other people aware and looking at what they purchase and that's how you make a difference.


Jeanie said...

I saw a news report about people doing this. It was interesting to hear how hard it is to find things made in the USA.
I haadn't thought about the problem of finding things for making homemade gifts.

Dawn said...

That is an amazing journey, and sad that it is so difficult. I remember when Wal Mart first opened, it was supposed to be all American. AND they advertised that you'd never have to stand in line - they would always open up another line if there were too many waiting. I think the old man would be very unhappy.

grammy said...

I thought about doing this... never knew it would be that hard!!! How sad. Well I will do at least one gift. There is a campaign out there to do that.