Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where Do I Sleep?

Tito's mother is coming for a visit, so we decided to take the crib down from the guest bedroom to give her a little more room.  I washed all the bedding and put it in the linen closet.  It tugged at my heart a little because Kaiden is growing up too fast.  When he came the next time and went into "his" room to get toys, he said "where's my bed?"  I told him that we put the baby bed away because he was a big boy.  He then asked me where he was going to sleep.  I told him he would sleep in the bed we were sitting on.  I'm not sure he is convinced.

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Jeanie said...

That is a big change for him. My granddaughter had been sleeping in a big girl bed for a while when her little brother was on the way and sometimes in the middle of the night she would climb into the crib they had put up in preparation for him.
I wonder what Kaiden will think about Tito's mom sleeping in "his" big boy bed.