Monday, November 28, 2011


We celebrated Thanksgiving with the kids on Saturday this year.  I remember all to well going from place to place on a holiday is not so very relaxing.  Add a tired toddler and a tired expectant mother into the equation it is even less fun.  Since the kids left home I have always said I don't care so much about the day we celebrate as long as we do celebrate.  We have traditionally trimmed the tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so this year we did both.  Tito and I put up the tree and the other decorations on Friday and the kids hung the ornaments on Saturday.

Tito make turkey tacoquito and salsa.  We also had our usual stuffing made with green chilies and chirizo as well as cranberry sauce.  Not completely traditional, but no one complained.  Kaiden handles the spicy food like a pro.  He will tell you it is spicy, take a big drink and ask for more.  Tito is so proud!


Jeanie said...

I agree that it is okay to celebrate whenever it works for everyone. It looks like you had a good celebration with family and that is what matters.

grammy said...

Looks like a great celebration. My girls liked spicy when they were younger... but not so much now. Not sure what's up with that. Their mother likes FIRE sauce. Not me!!!
Love the picture with Great Grandma...look at that smile. Dora is very helpful (o:

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Loved hearing about your family's Thanksgiving traditions and seeing the group around the table. Your grandson looks so cute-glad he likes spicey.
Happy Tuesday.