Thursday, September 11, 2014

Breakfast in the Park

One morning when we had the boys, we poured our coffee, grabbed yogurt and granola bars and headed off to the park for breakfast. It was a beautiful morning. After we ate, we let the boys run off some of their boundless energy.
Everything Kaiden does, Trevin tries to do also.  He never quite made it up the slide - it gets pretty steep at the top and he would always slip back down - but he kept trying.
The swing is really a little too large for Trevin.  He kept slipping off.  At first he didn't want to swing but after he watched Kaiden for a bit, he didn't want to get down.
One of nice things about having a little brother, you can have him fill the cowboy hat up with the wood chips to put on the slide,
until the pile gets big enough, (not to happy to have his picture taken)
to knock all over the place when you slide down.  I think this is the only time Trevin got to slide through the pile, he just kept filling up the hat so Kaiden could slide.  He didn't seem to mind.

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