Monday, September 1, 2014

Tornado and Rain

We went to the grocery store and had just checked out when the store made an announcement there was a tornado warning and a funnel cloud had been seen at the end of their parking lot, we needed to proceed to the stores shelter. Which turned out to be the meat locker - the only place in the store that did not have windows or sky lights. Kaiden had lots of questions - Why are we going in here? Why is everyone going in here? Why do we have to go in here? Why is it so cold? I asked him if he knew what a tornado was and he said he had seen it on TV - houses and cows fly around in the air. I told him we had to stay here until the tornado went away so we wouldn't be flying around in the air. King Soopers was as nice as they could be under the circumstances. They brought blankets for the children and then brought out butcher coats for the rest of us. But it still was cold!

After we got home, we had a nice gentle warm rain, which the boys enjoyed more than the tornado!

Tito and I enjoy sitting on the porch and listening to the rain and smelling the air, but these boys weren't content to do that, they wanted to run between the drops!  They didn't succeed, but had great fun trying!

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