Saturday, September 13, 2014


We took the boys to the Museum of Nature and Science while their parents were in Mexico. The museum is one of my favorite places and I think they love it too. They have so many hands on experiences for the boys. 
Kaiden is all suited up for his mission. 
Trevin is watching Kaiden at the control panel. 
The exhibit with the bugs is one of Kaiden's favorite.  He especially likes the display where you have to find the camouflaged bugs in the leaves and branches and flowers.  I think he can tell you where all of them are.
Trevin liked this little guy.  Kaiden was too busy finding looking at the animals and having us read all the facts to him.
There were two of these monitors with maps and facts of where the animals live.  It didn't matter which one Kaiden went to, that is the one Trevin wanted to look at - here he is ready to go back to the one he just left. 

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