Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year! The year Kaiden will be born! David and I went to the mall today so he could move around and exercise his knee. We went into all the baby stores and looked at all the cute little items. To our credit, we did not buy anything. That will wait until he is actually here and we know what size and what he needs. The baby shower is this weekend and Kaiden will be here before we know it.

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My dad (Tito) and Helen spent the day together. My dad raved about it and it makes me truly happy to see Kaiden's grandparents so excited. My dad's a big softy and has shed some tears over the arrival. Dave is excited. He had the best reaction when we first found out, on Fathers Day, via a card at the dinner table at dad and Helens. My favorite thing is when Stacy said she had prayed for this (a baby). I have to admit that I'm scared about eating with Kaiden at the table. Baby's are messy, and if Tito has had any telepathic influence on him whatsoever, he will need a bib....big time!! That however, is nothing compared to all the things I am excited for. To hold him. To see Nathan and Stacy proud beaming parents. To see my dad hold him. To hold him myself!!!! He will be beautiful and I'm so happy that this is all happening.