Friday, January 23, 2009

More Memories

We are still waiting. I spoke to Nathan and Stacy last night coming home from a doctors' appointment. They are so ready for this to happen!

All of this brings back so many memories - waiting for Nathan to come. I remember that last week - I cleaned that house top to bottom - I dug up the garden - I walked - Judee and Linda took me shopping driving over bumpy railroad tracks - but he came when he was good and ready.

I have this picture of a few of Nathan's things that I had saved and gave to them at the shower. The big green frog is a quilt Judee made and gave to me on Mother's Day before Nathan was born. It hung on the wall in his room. The teddy bear was a shower gift from Nathan's granny, the music box a birthday present from her. The bank was a shower gift from Lynda. The day I found out Kaiden was on his way, I dug it out and started filling it with my change.
Will keep you all posted!


Anonymous said...

I would love a froggie quilt to wrap myself up in. Who doesn't love chic amphibian bed ware? Kaiden is sure to "hop" for joy over it.

Anonymous said...

I feel enveloped by good feelings when I read your Grandparents Experience msgs. I want to thank you for sharing such wonderful memories which allow me to scratch back into my memories box for those times long, long ago. My oldest "child" is 49 yrs old in April.

My children were all 2 weeks late according to the Dr calculations so... I went thru all the antics that you did while waiting for Nathan. For my first child, Cindy, I finally kneaded and baked a batch of three kinds of yeast bread and started with contractions that night. At that time, the hosp stay was one week, so by the time I got back, the yeast bread was gone! I will never forget that beautiful braid loaf I had baked which I never tasted. :( Toni
P.S. Pictures add so much sentimentality to the msg. thx

Anonymous said...

loved it, sent it onto both kids - it comes back to me now and so good of you to keep that for him - honestly forgot but those days were so full - gees......
keep us posted and I will keep the blogspot handy! Again, thanks, hug Nathan for me - I remember that sweet face on his first day at the hospital and you going over a bumpy bridge to get there! Some things remain in our hearts and some friends too, Love, Judee