Saturday, January 24, 2009


We are ready for Kaiden. The crib looked so bare after I sent all the bedding home with Stacy last week, so I got busy and made mine. I had a bed skirt that we don't use on our bed anymore so I cut it down for the crib. I had the rubber ducky fabric left from making another crib sheet. The quilt was Nathan's - Aunt Grandma made it when he was born. The afghan is one I had made from leftover yarn from other projects. So Kaiden, whenever you are ready, we are ready for you.


Anonymous said...

Kaidens bed is prettier then our bed!! Spoiled kid.! We are so excited to see him. I have not seen Helen so excited since I don't know when. It's infectious, it's awesome. Kaiden will have a roomful of love to greet him, and he will be surrounded by his family that has long awaited his arrival. Nathan and Stacy are going to be the best parents the little guy could ever have. Dad and Helen (Tito and Gram) are going to be the best grandparents he could have as well. All in all, though the nine months are quickly coming to an end, this has been one of the best times of all our lives. And the best part?, it only gets better. Love-the fab auntie Carrie Lynn.

Anonymous said...

May God shower His graces on Kaiden, Stacy and all of you. God bless you! Toni