Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I love columbines! The blue columbine is our state flower and is my favorite, but I love the other colors also. I have three different colors in my yard, Here is the purple one - I actually have this one with a white center and one with a yellow center (picture below)
It is a little hard to tell in this photo, but the center is yellow on this plant. You can see all my perennials in the background.

This is a red columbine. This plant is actually one that seeded itself and bloomed before the main plant this year.
Here is my blue plant. The buds aren't quite open but will be in a couple of days. I have been looking for another blue plant this spring but so far have not found one. This one never seems to reseed for me. After my columbines quite blooming I cut them back and some years they bloom for me again.
The predicted weekend weather is warm and sunny. For both days. It is about time! I know we needed the snow and rain, but really, would it hurt to rain on Monday?


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I loved columbines even before we left Ca. I had so many in my yard there and are anxious to get some when we get into our house. Love seeing your yard.
Have a blessed day!

grammy said...

I have never seen a red Columbine. They are all very pretty. Hope it is sunny this weekend too.