Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rainy Weekend

It was a rainy Memorial Day weekend. I did manage to get the lawn cut on Friday night before it started raining and I got my pots planted. I did not get many pictures of the yard though. I would finish a project and the rain would start and I didn't get back out to take pictures, but here are a few. Pots at the corner of the house in Carrie's old wagon. I would like the pots to match, but have these and I am too frugal (cheap) to buy 2 that match.

These are at the corner of our patio. I love the blue and wish the larger one was blue also, but again too frugal to buy a new one.

I moved some of my hens and chicks into shoes were some had died. I had seen a picture in a magazine 7 or 8 years ago of a boot with hens and chicks planted and told David I wanted one for our yard. A couple weeks later I came home and said I had seen a pair of old boots in an intersection near David's office but the light was green so I didn't have to stop. The next day,
David brought them home for me! Is that love or what? They are the pair in the center. He then found the rubber boot along the road a few weeks later. So we had 3 boots at our old house in the herb garden. After David lost his leg to cancer and we had many right shoes that were not being used, we planted them and gave many to friends for Christmas and expanded our collection. What can I say, cancer changes your sense of humor - you learn to laugh at odd things! Our friend, Gary, has his on a mound with other plants around it and has named it Boot Hill!

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