Thursday, May 28, 2009

The End of a Smile

I am not having any luck getting a picture of Kaiden's beautiful smile. He seems so fascinated with the camera that he stops smiling and looks at it. I have tried sneaking up on him, I have tried making him smile and having Tito snap the picture, but no luck. I thought I had him this time, but the camera was not quick enough. This is the end of the smile and it makes him look somewhat like a chipmunk. I will not give up!

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His Doorkeeper said...

I love to make pictures of Harper! I talk to her and when she starts smiling I try to get a good picture. But most of the time she has stopped smiling by the time I get the camera up and ready!! Oh Well,it's fun anyway!

Your grandson is just darling! I could just squeeze him! I love babies, don't you??

Harper's Nonny