Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fathers Day

Yes, we do now Father's Day is next Sunday, but at our house it was yesterday. We try to celebrate holidays a day or so early so the kids can go to their other families or just stay at home. We remember how hectic it can be going to different families, especially with small children, and sometimes would have welcomed the chance to just stay at home! We normally would have celebrated next Friday or Saturday, but Tito left today for his annual camping/fishing trip with his brothers and will be gone and Dave will be out of town (he wasn't able to be there this week as it turned out - we missed you). Tito wanted a family picture, so this is it! We were able to take them before the rain came. We are having an unusually wet spring and I know later on we will be wanting rain, but it sure would be nice to have a nice day!
We went in and played for awhile

Cuddling with Aunt Carrie

Kaiden ate his dinner and went to sleep

Then the adults got ready to eat

Tired and cuddling with Mom!
It was a nice evening and Happy Father's Day to Tito and Nathan.

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