Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My new favorite photo


grammy said...

Before ya know it you will have zillions of pictures like I do and it will be hard to pick one favorite (o: He is a sweetie. I hope to have some boy pics too some day (o:

Anonymous said...

love reading the blog, but with a tinge of jealousy of having
long-time friends to have a fun weekend AND at Estes! I thought of
Kaiden yesterday while I held a 4 month old girl who is getting chemo,was fussy and had had morphine, etc. The parents were so young and needed a break, and I remembered being in the hospital with my daughter at 3 mos. So much to be grateful's fun to be a quasi-grama and hold him on Suns! – Barb

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Love the latest picture of Kaiden-he is such a cutie! I know I say that every time I see new photos.
Hope you are staying dry and not having the tornadoes touch down near you. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet picture. I know you are in "Grandmother Heaven". I have enjoyed seeing your blog photos.
Wow...where did 4 months go?? Babies just don't stay babies for long.
All for now. Take care, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

FOUR months old, already?? Oh my! So handsome! Is he sleeping all night now?

Went on a catch-up visit to the blog for entries of June. I'm impressed at all planted in the veggie garden! No chiles?? How glorious all that is going to look (and taste) when it is in full "bloom".

David John looks so good!! Thank you Helen for taking such good care of him and making his life so happy. He is a most favorite of mine since I remember so many special things when he was little.

I just this second remembered one late afternoon when he was eating red Jello in a huge table we had in the back porch. All of a sudden, there was an enormous loud clap of thunder which scare David so much, he flew into my arms and on to a white dress I had just donned on for a date. I held him so tight regardless of the Jello dripping out of his mouth!! Such beautiful memories!! Lots of love there.

I love your blog!!! thx Toni

Lori said...

I know your loving every second you can on him. I have 2 grandkids and I can barely stand it after 4 days (of not seeing them) and then I need my "grandkid fix".