Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I was able to get into my yard Saturday morning and work. It has been raining almost every evening when I get home from work that I haven't been able to get outside and play. I was surprised that there weren't more weeds than there were, but there was plenty to do. I cut the spent blossoms from my Columbines and Roses, deadheaded the flowers in my pots. I yanked mint. I try to do this once a week to keep it from overtaking surrounding plants and it had been almost 3 weeks! With all the rain and the cooler weather the mint and my rhubarb have gone crazy. This is my glass flower with water reflecting the sun, so pretty!
This is the rhubarb before and the pile of rhubarb I cut. I made two crisps - one for our Father's Day dinner and one for our church's 30th anniversary celebration on Sunday. I still have plenty to make more.
The garden isn't doing as well, it needs some warmer nights for the peppers, squash, cukes and tomatoes to really do well. My beets and turnips are doing great - I will probably be able to make greens this coming weekend. We are supposed to have drier, warmer weather starting tomorrow, so maybe things will take off.

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