Monday, June 1, 2009

Vegetable Garden

Tito looking at the plants coming up in our vegetable garden. The plants that are visible our tomatoes and peppers which we bought at the nursery. Our beans, squash, cucumbers, beets and pumpkins are all up. Everything is so small right now - it is hard to imagine that in little over a month we will have items to give away and I will be trying to find room in the freezer for things!
I organized our freezer this weekend and found 2 containers of tomatoes left from last summer and 1 container of butternut squash. I pulled the tomatoes out and make spaghetti sauce for dinner on Sunday. I had oregano and chives from the herb garden to use - fresh herbs makes so much difference.

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Anonymous said...

Now that my accomplice and I are no longer banned from enjoying the wonderful food at Dad and Helen's....might we suggest adding us to the list of benificiarys who receive the veggies grown in your garden? We promise to work on our spelling.

Carrie and Accomplice