Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lost Weekend

We didn't watch Lost when it first premiered five seasons ago. Nathan told us it was a good show and thought I would like it. He knows I like shows like Quantum Leap, The 4400 and Dead Zone. I just never started watching it until last summer. I decided to add it to our Netflix list and the first disc came in July. I watched the first show and was hooked. I didn't think Tito would be interested, it didn't seem like the kind of TV he enjoys. He watched the 2nd show with me and he was hooked. We would watch an episode now and then and maybe a couple on Saturday. One day Nathan mentioned the new season, the final season would premiere in February. I thought we should be able to finish the first five seasons by then.

But then Tito was in California for 2 months when his father was sick and died, then the holidays came. All of a sudden it was January and we still had 2 seasons to finish. We began to get serious and would watch three to five episodes at a time.

We finished today! We watched the last four episodes today and are ready for the final season to begin on Tuesday. And the way the finale from the last season ended, I am glad I didn't have to wait 6 months to see what comes next.


grammy said...

I am sure you are better off doing it that way. You have it all pretty fresh in your mind. They waited so long to continue that I have forgot most of it. Of course I will watch it, but wonder if I will still have any memory of what happened. Thanks for the reminder. We don't have a TV guide so we might have missed it (o:

Tonja said...

I LOVE Lost! Alex and I watch every week. Then he explains to me what I just saw! I have bought him all the seasons for the past few's a series he thinks is good enough to keep. Can hardly wait till Tuesday!