Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve

We very seldom do anything on New Year's Eve. Most of the time we don't even stay awake until midnight. But since Tito's sister and husband were here this year, we planned a party so they could meet all our friends.Everyone brought food - it was all good.
Everyone visited - some of us hadn't seen each other in awhile

We took turns wearing silly hats
Okay, so I made everyone wear silly hats

Waiting for midnight.
It was amazing to all of us that we outlasted the kids. Kaiden hadn't felt good all day and didn't want to sleep with all the noise, so Nathan and Stacy left early. Carrie was coming down with a cold, so she and Dave left early also. We had a wonderful evening. Hope you did too.


grammy said...

I can't believe you got the men to wear those hats... and be photographed too (o:
fun party
we were alone, but enjoyed a slow evening and 2 movies. It was nice after all the company and wedding preparation and celebrating (o:

Tonja said...

Sounds like great fun! Nothing beats a night with good friends! Loved the hats!