Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wants vs Needs

Do you ever want something even though you really don't need it? I 'm usually good about not buying things just to buy things. But there are a couple of items that keep calling my name. And I don't need them.

I have 2 perfectly good colanders. The green Tupperware I have had since the early 70's and is the one I use most of the time. I have had the other one for at least 15 years and use it most often for bringing veggies in from the garden.

But I have saw a new brushed stainless steel one that the holes are in the pattern of a leaf and I want it. Whenever I go into that store and see it, I think about what I can use it for - it is so pretty I could just leave the grapes in it after they are rinsed off instead of in a bowl. It is that good looking. Not that my family would notice because I leave the grapes in the green colander all the time. I haven't even looked at the price because that would be one step closer to buying something I don't need.

I also have completely functional measuring spoons and cups, but I have seen a sets of ceramic measuring spoons and cups. Each one is a different color. How beautiful would they be with my Fiesta dishes? Do I need them? No. Would they be practical? No. But yet, I want them.

I am always cleaning closets and drawers and getting rid of things. I am always telling Tito we don't need anything else. I always roll my eyes when he brings home one more treasure. I cringe when I go into the basement and see all the stuff we have. I have never been one who considers shopping therapy. I shop for things I need. A few years ago, Tito and I decided to not buy anything except food for 2 months. We did not think that one through - we had 3 birthdays in those 2 months - but we did it.

So why am I wanting these things so much? I really don't know. I don't think I am trying to fill some void in my life with things. I am content with my life most of the time. Maybe, I just feel like a need a little treat, a little pick me up.

But aren't you supposed to want a new dress, new shoes or jewelry? Who is tempted by kitchen utensils?


grammy said...

You are obviously doing a good job of not buying to much junk....oh I mean beautiful stuff (o:
I think the colander would be a nice little gift to self. We can do that you know...every now and then. Put your grapes in it and enjoy it out on the counter. Donate the 70's tupperware one (o: Yes it is functional, but not nearly so pretty sitting on the counter.
Garage sales are my little guilty pleasure. Then I really have to much junk. I have learned how to go and brose,,,, and not pick up the thing that calls me so loudly if I will just store it. I am sure my basement has more junk than yours.

Tonja said...

Whatever catches your eye and makes your heart sing, is worthy of owning. Go right out and buy these things for your self...and enjoy them. Otherwise, you will always think about them and wish you had gotten them.
Go! Right Now! Go! and ENJOY!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments. You seem to do a very good job with your family, self, and friends. Sometimes it is nice to find a "treasure" of your own and simply enjoy it. It certainly doesn't make you any less caring, or thrifty. It sounds very pretty, and should you decide to give yourself a treat (as all of your blog readers think you should :)) post a picture of it! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should get the new colander. Sometimes we just "need" to want. Besides, it's something you'll actually use.