Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stock Show Weather

Every January the National Western Stock Show is held in Denver. During the 2 weeks of the show, it always seems we have cold, frigid weather. The stock show doesn't start until Saturday, but the weather is here today. Coming home tonight the temperature was 2 and the wind chill was -15. The snow is supposed to clear out tonight, but the cold will stay for a few days.

Cold is a relative term. You see people all winter long in shorts and no coats. Our UPS man is one of them. I very seldom wear my winter coat, especially when I go shopping. It is easier to be a little chilly going to and from the car than carrying the coat in a hot store. My in-laws in California tell us how cold it is "it is only got up to 60". We tell them "it is so nice here, it got up to 60". I read follow a couple of blogs written by women who live in the South and they have been talking about the 2 inches of snow and cold that has shut schools and canceled church services. We would be shut down every week!

I wore my winter coat today and socks. I was cold waiting in the wind and snow for my bus. I wish I had my camera with me, because I saw a man in a T-shirt and shorts riding his bike. A crazy man in a T-shirt and shorts riding his bike.

Since I didn't have my camera, I had to post this picture again. He looks like he is ready to go to the stock show.


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grammy said...

only in Colorado...
near Boulder
granola and shorts
I prefer to be warm. I wear my coat even if I have to carry it. I took the trash out tonight so I wouldn't miss the pick up tomorrow.... it was soooo cold.
I have lived here all my life and have never made it to the stock show.... how wrong is that?