Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthdays Galore

Three very dear, very important people in my life have birthdays today. I began working with Lynda in 1977. Our friendship started when the birthday list for February was published and we discovered our birthdays were a day apart. We became dear friends. Our husbands hit it off. I had a baby and left the job, we stayed friends. Lynda had 2 babies and our children played together. My marriage fell apart and Lynda and Jim were there for me and for Nathan. We were included in their family outings (we still laugh about the trip to Water World and the camping trip to Leadville). They moved to California, but we stayed friends. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

I started working with Fayette in 1986. Our friendship started when the birthday list was published and we discovered our birthdays were a day apart. We were single mothers raising children on our own on a limited income. We came up with great inexpensive ways to have fun - 50 cent movies, sharing popcorn, jigsaw puzzles, Trivia Pursuit games, cooking dinner at home, buying $5 gifts and rejoicing in the great bargains we had found (I found it on a clearance table, I found it at a garage sale, I made it with items I had in the closet). Then Fayette moved to Florida and we remained friends. Happy Birthday, my dear friend! (Fayette, this is the only picture I could find of us together!)

My brother, Melvin, is 12 years and 1 day older than I am - this picture was taken on my 1st Christmas. He is the only sibling that I can remember being at home while I was growing up. I remembered him teasing me all the time, letting me ride between his legs on his motor scooter (until Mom found out), watching him play in the marching band and teaching me to play pick up sticks. I adored him and then he graduated from high school, joined the navy, married and has lived most of the years since on the East Coast. But I still adore and love him and he can still make me laugh.

Even as adults, he has continued to tease me, calling me by a childhood nickname that can rile me.
Even after his accident that resulted in a brain injury and loosing his ability to speak, his devilishness comes through. And even though you told me over and over you ruined your 12th birthday - Happy Birthday, my dear brother!


NanaNor's said...

Good morning, We didn't get any snow, did you? What a wonderful post to your friends and to your brother. Life is so much richer because of those in our lives.
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Noreen

grammy said...

I can see that he is still a tease in that picture (o:
What great friends you have had and now you have friends in two warm places to visit (o: How cool is that.

Tonja said...

I can see that twinkle in his eye! A beautiful post. Isn't it wonderful when friends we make become lifetime friends of the heart? No matter where you live the ties are still there!