Monday, February 8, 2010


Thirty years ago, Nathan's father and I found a little red wagon in an antique store, bought it, repainted it and gave it to Nathan on his first birthday. He loved that wagon and played with it for years. After he abandoned the wagon for other things, I used it by the Christmas tree filled with presents for years. Since moving to the new house the wagon has been in the garage. Last week I brought it into the house and Tito cleaned and polished the wagon and we gave it to Kaiden.
As you can see, the wagon isn't as shiny and has paint chipped off the wheels, but we hope Kaiden enjoys it as much as Nathan did.
While I was digging through old photos, I found the one below of Nathan devouring his first birthday cake. He wasn't as shy about it as Kaiden.

Nathan's cake was a small angel food I baked and did not frost. I didn't want him to make a mess! You think I might be a little compulsive?


grammy said...

how funny about not frosting the cake...I thought it was going to be because you didn't want him to have so much sugar (o: are you still as careful about a mess... or can you let Kaiden cut loose and make a big mess?
Loved the wagon. Isn't it fun comparing pictures?

Tonja said...

I wish I had saved my boy's red wagon. That's a treasure!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Don't you love comparing pictures??? Both of them are precious!

I love the things I have saved that belonged to my children. I love bringing them out now for the grands!