Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 1929

This is my parent's wedding photo. The only one I know that was taken. My mother said she didn't like it because the flowers were props from the photographer, she did not have flowers. My father was 27 and my mother was 3 days shy of turning 20. They were married until my father passed away in 1970, my mother 4 years later.

They raised 5 children -3 of them in the early years of the depression. They did not own their own home until 1966. They never owed money to anyone. They never really had a life without children - my sister was born 18 months after they were married and my father died 2 weeks after I graduated from high school. They were good, honest, hardworking people. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about them. My brothers and sisters and I never heard them fight - they raised their family in a loving home. They provided for us the best they could - there are many stories of the struggle raising a family in the depression and later in WWII during rationing - but we never felt anything but love.

I loved them both, worshiped my father and regret to this day that I was never able to have an adult relationship with them. I think it would have been a great one.

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grammy said...

Nice post about your parents. Great wedding picture. My Dad died when I was only 3 and he was 38. They did live in hard times. I was watching the history channel about the dust bowel. That was such a terrible thing to add to all the other hard times.