Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past few weeks and weekends have been busy, busy, busy. We had quarter end reports at work and a new account that a budget had to be completed which resulted in some long hours.

Nathan and Stacy have been doing some projects and we watched Kaiden the last two Saturdays. What a joy that has been!

We have found out he loves pancakes and can eat more pancakes than his Gram!
He is walking all the time and I mean all the time. He found the dog leash and carried it all around the house.
I am not sure how I ever got anything accomplished when Nathan was this young. I didn't get much accomplished at home but sure had a great time playing with Kaiden!
We got together with our friends John and Janice, Gary and Vivien to celebrate Gary's birthday. As always we had a great time. We are so blessed to have such dear friends.

And now, we are here. In God's beautiful mountains for a week of relaxation. Boy do I need this vacation!

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grammy said...

Have a great time
I would guess that might be the Estes area....
I would also guess that the first picture was at McD's
I recognize it because...
It is my kind of place (o:
I taught the kids the words to that old song from a commercial. We go for the play area...not necessarily the food (o: