Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Part One

We had our Easter celebration on Saturday because it fit better with every one's scheduled. In addition to the kids, Carrie's long time friends Katja and Mikey and their daughter, Mia joined us. The baskets were hid.
Eggs were dyed. Carrie and Mikey are both artists, so there was some intricate work going on. Mia is watching her daddy, isn't she a cutie?

The picture doesn't do the eggs justice, the colors were custom mixed and there are glitter details.

The big kids hunted for their baskets and eggs first while Kaiden and I watched. Since we are such a competitive family, Easter egg hunts can involve pushing, so we kept our distance. Once again Nathan found his eggs first (we allow a certain amount for each person to be fair), but Stacy found her basket first.
Searching for eggs.
Then it was Kaiden's turn to find his eggs (or balls as he called them).

He found this one on the coffee table.
We had a great time. I love that my kids still want to dye and hunt eggs and baskets. I also like that we have this fun family time the day before so the focus on Easter is about the cross.

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Tonja said...

I can imagine how much fun it will be when the grandchildren are involved! Yours are just the cutest. Aren't all celebrations better when shared with the ones you love?