Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Part Two

After church on Sunday, the children had a short temple talk and then an Easter egg hunt. There were areas for the different age groups.Kaiden in his suit with his basket.

He picked up a few eggs and then found one that was open so he had to sit down and put a smaller egg inside. Putting items into containers is one of his favorite things.

Dumping things out of containers is another favorite thing.


His Doorkeeper said...

Kaiden is a doll in his little Sunday suit! Don't you just love little kids in their Easter outfits? Nothing cuter!
And I love seeing them discover new things for the first time. Harper was enthralled with the eggs!

So much fun we have with those grandbabies, right?

grammy said...

Love the pictures from your last post...don't know how I missed it.
Boy does he look sweet all dressed up in a suit. How sweet is that. They all looked great.
Family times like that are the best...
my 25 year old son is in another state right now and he asked if he was going to get a basket (o:
No. But his girlfriend gave him one. Whew...mom is off the hook.