Monday, April 19, 2010

Images of a Vacation

We drove to one of my favorite places today - Old Town Fort Collins - here are some of my favorite things.... An arrangement on the door of one of my favorite stores - I did not buy a thing even though I was tempted by many things. I know I will probably wish I had!
I think the handle bars are a little high!

I thought this was so fun - so much prettier than a regular green transformer box.

This horse is painted in a traditional Mexican method using plants and animals native to Colorado.

There were several bicycles with flowers - I would love to have a basket on my bike decorated with flowers.

I love the sound of the river

The blue sky

The wildlife, the white bark of the aspen trees.


grammy said...

I want a bike like that
not the high one (I would so kill myself)
the one with the flower basket
what streets are considered old Fort Collins?I like the looks of the craft store

NanaNor's said...

Hey there, Love the first photo-just want to know which store it is! You are so close that sometime grammy and I will have to meet you for lunch or I can meet you in Fort Collins-one of my favorite places.