Friday, May 25, 2012

God's Camera

One of the nights we had Kaiden, we had a big lighting and thunderstorm.  At first he was reluctant to go with Tito to watch the show, until I told him the flashes were God taking pictures of us and the thunder was God clapping when he looked at the picture.  So he and Tito smiled and smiled for God's camera.
Of course you have to stick your hand and leg out to feel the rain.

He seemed happier to smile at God's camera than mine!

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grammy said...

Love it. My dad died when I was 3... the older siblings always told me thunder was Daddy bowling in heaven. Seemed to do the trick... though we lived in the sticks and I have no idea if I knew what bowling was.
Zoo fun. I need to go after the new Elephant house is built.
The boys baby pictures look a lot a like. (o: