Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Tito found this tricycle when Kaiden was pretty little.  When he over on Saturday, I brought it out to see if his legs were long enough to ride it.  They sure were, he got on and off he went.
Up our street to the stop sign was "work".  Then around the corner and down the next street to the "store".  Then around the next corner and back to our house for "gas".  He kept glancing back and asking "Can I go faster?"  I told him he could if he would wait at the corner and off he would go, faster than I was walking.  He did wait at every corner.  We even made a trip to Tito's Car Wash.   

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Jeanie said...

It looks like he is more than big enough to reach the pedals and to go as fast as he wants. You will get lots of excercise trying to keep up with him.