Monday, May 7, 2012

Thrown Under the School Bus

There is a neat, fairly precise person who lives in our house and another person who is the exact opposite.  The neat person also tends to complain about the other person.  The other night the kids were at the house and I said something about someone not putting something back where it belonged.  Right away Kaiden shouted "Tito".  We all laughed and I said he certainly didn't hesitate to throw Tito under the bus.  Kaiden said "Under the School Bus!"

We got a pretty good laugh out of the situation, but it made me think, if Kaiden knew who I was complaining about, I am complaining too much and need to be a little more tolerant.  Kids sure can keep you honest!

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Jeanie said...

They sure can see things about us that we sometimes can't even see ourselves.