Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bunny Ears and The Best Wedding Photo

As I was going through pictures last week trying to find a picture of me and my mother, I noticed we have reoccurring themes in our family photos. Our family loves to make bunny ears. Like this one where I am pretty sure I was aware my brother was making the ears
and this one that was snapped just as my brother and sister were either getting ready to make the ears or were just done

And ones like this where I know Stacy did not know the ears were above her head
The other theme we have is one we call the Best Wedding Photo. I'm not sure how or when this started, but I'm pretty sure my oldest sister was the instigator. The photo below of my nephew and his wife is an example. At some point the bride is asked to put the flowers in front of the groom's face and we all declare it

The Best Wedding Photo
And then we all laugh!


grammy said...

I love all those photos. I have been going through pictures to. Fun, but a lot of work. Did you find one of you and your Mom/ I don't think I have one.

Gram said...

I have not found a picture of me with my Mom. I think she was always taking the pictures. :(