Friday, March 19, 2010

Snow Pants

This morning we woke up to snow. The forecast is for 5-10 inches before the storm ends tomorrow morning. As I was dressing in slacks to go to work, I thought about how much easier it was to get ready to go out into the snow than when I was a little girl.
I grew up in a time when girls wore dresses to school.


No exceptions.

Even when it snowed.

So, when it snowed or was really cold, we wore snow pants under our dresses. We also wore overshoes. When we got to school we had to take our overshoes off and at least one of your shoes would come off too. Then you took off your snow pants and hung them up with your coat. Then you had to put your shoes back on. Then at recess you had to do it all over.

Girls my children's age never had this experience, they could wear pants to school and boots. But then there are quite a few girls that age that have never learned how to sit when they wear a dress much less how to climb on playground equipment in one!

1 comment:

grammy said...

I wore dresses to school too
but when we wore pants under them...
I don't remember that we had to take them off
yes on the boots over the shoes (o:
I think it is neat that a lot of the girl skirts have built in they can play on the equipment and not be unlady like (o:
We had snow too.