Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Friends

I have good friends. I mean really good friends. We got together with John and Janice, Gary and Vivien on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. I received these packages. The gift bag is one Janice and I have passed back and forth for the last 8 years on our birthdays. The box was from Gary and Vivien and it is elegant enough to be a gift on its own. What was inside was truly amazing. You might remember this post where I wrote about some kitchen items. The post where I said there were a couple items I really wanted, but couldn't justify buying, the post where I didn't say where these items were.
Well, it seems they have been going to stores they know I like and to stores they thought might have these items. They looked online. They divided the stores and even sent a husband to search. And guess what? I received these measuring cups. They are not exactly like the ones I saw, but I like these better.

I also received this colander and it is just like the one I have been eyeing at the grocery store by my office. Which is not a place they thought to look. I have really good friends.

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grammy said... do have good friends (o:
I saw the little chick stackable measuring cups at cracker barrel in Thorton this weekend. I thought about getting them foe myself...just didn't (o:

The gifts are all beautiful.