Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Jimmy Stewart!

A little background is needed for this story. I love Jimmy Stewart. I love his movies. Jimmy Stewart reminds me of my father. They were both tall and lanky and similar looking. They both spoke slowly and deliberately and had many of the same mannerisms. My hubby knows this. On Valentine's Day he gave me a package with a note that read :

" I'm impressed with all the good stories you shared with me re your Dad. May this small gift make you smile when you look at it."

I opened the package to find this pane of stamps framed.

I looked at it trying to relate this to the note I had just read and must have had puzzled look on my face and Hubby says "It's Jimmy Stewart!" I said "Its Gary Cooper!" Hubby takes the frame and says "No!, I could have sworn I picked up Jimmy Stewart!"

Everyone I have told this story to agrees with me that this so David! I also know that I will never forget this present and as it hangs on the wall, it does make me smile. It reminds me of two very special men in my life.

1 comment:

grammy said...

Such a funny story
at least he was trying (o:
What a sweet hubby
I shutter to think if my man would pass a test
on how well do you know your wife??