Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Smiles

I have worked quite a few hours this week, had a couple long commutes because of the snowstorm we had mid-week so I haven't spent much time in the kitchen. This morning as the sun was shining on my refrigerator I noticed two perfect little hand prints left last week when Kaiden was here.

I also smiled as I was rolling out bread dough for cinnamon rolls. One of the handles of my mother's rolling pin broke off years before I was born. I learned to use a rolling pin with one hand on the handle and one on the cylinder. My rolling pin has two handles but I only use one. When I catch myself doing that, I think of my Mom and smile.

Hope you all have something to smile about this Saturday.


grammy said...

He is so cute
is he walking by himself yet? He will soon
love the hand print (o:
Good story about your Moms rolling pin (o:

Tonja said...

Look at that sweet baby! Sure is growing!

Isn't it great how some thing will remind you of sweet memories of long ago! Very sweet story, but don't know how you can do that with one hand...not that I ever use one at all! :)

Happy spring!