Thursday, August 11, 2022

Summer 2022 Part 1

School started today and I have not posted anything about our summer.  So I'm play catch-up.

We started off by going to the Summer kick-off at the library.

There was a mariachi band

and games

and checking out books

The boys came over one day and we painted rocks.  We have done this project before and they always seem to enjoy it.  And I get colorful rocks for the yard.

We went to our community park for a sidewalk chalk festival and a concert.

Stacy sent me these pictures of Rylan and his art work on their patio.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Top Math Student

 This is the speech Kaiden's teacher made at the presentation of his award:

"The person I would like to recognize for 7th grade math has demonstrated great qualities throughout the year in math. The respect they show for self and peers is beyond the attributes we see on a normal basis.  The integrity this student has is beyond one of this age.  He knows and acts the way that best fits his learning.  Learning is at the top of his priority, and spreading that knowledge demonstrates the empathy he has for others.  My hope is that he continues to excel as a mathematician and that it leads to great success as he goes into the next few years of learning.  Please join me in congratulating Kaiden Blay as my top math student for the year!"

How can we not be proud of this kid?

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Award Ceremony

Kaiden standing in recognition for high GPA for the year.  


We knew he was going to receive this award but did not know

that he would be getting the second award.  He was chosen as one of two students in his section for excelling in Math.  It was a wonderful surprise.

I have always told him that I feel like I need to go back to school because he is getting smarter than I am.

We are very proud.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Trevin and Gavin had Field Day last Thursday.  It was originally scheduled for Friday but was changed due to weather.  Thursday was almost 90 degrees and Friday was 40 degrees with rain and snow. 

This was a new spin on a 3-legged race.  All 5 of the team were tied together.  It is hard to tell but Trevin is here beside his teacher.  His team won.  They took tiny steps and never fell.  The other teams tried running or walking fast and kept falling.

You can see the happiness on his face here.  They were tossing a bean bag into the air and another team member was catching it in a cone.  The girl with the long braid has autism.  I was so impressed with how her classmates treated her and helped her out.

In this activity they through bean bags with the scoops to another teammate who had to catch them with a scoop.

Gavin was so excited for his first field day.  Here he is waiting for his turn to play Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Getting in position to scoop up the balls.

One of the events was throwing wet balls at each other to see who could stay the driest.  Some of them came our direction and Rylan picked them up and threw them back in.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Trevin is 10!

Trevin turned 10 on May 11th.  We celebrated the Saturday before after Kaiden's last track meet.  I made lunch and we had cupcakes.  

I also had another opportunity to practice doing his carb count, figuring out his insulin amount and giving him a shot.  I want to be good at this so we can have outings and sleepovers this summer like we have always done.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Easter 2022

We had our usual Easter Egg hunt.  I'm not sure who found all the eggs first or the baskets first.  Nathan found the melted egg to win McDonalds gift certificates.  Stacy found the egg with the change in it - I think about $4.

There were more places to hide eggs and baskets this year with the playroom and bedroom completed in the basement.


Rylan was very interested in his applesauce and car pillow I made.

I had a harder time coming up with items for the baskets this year as I wanted to keep the snacks low in carbs because of Trevin's diabetes.  I came up with flavored water, sunflower seeds, jerky and pop rocks (which I was surprised to find and that they weren't high in sugar).  Rylan got applesauce instead of sunflower seeds.

Kaiden had found one of our old Game Boys in the basement and was very interested in playing it.  It wasn't charged when we found it so I told him I would find the charger and get it ready.  He kept asking every time he was over but I told him I hadn't done anything with it.  Well that wasn't the truth.  I had found 3 Game Boys and many games but waited to give them to the oldest 3 in their baskets.  They were thrilled - especially Kaiden.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Track and Field

Kaiden was recruited to run track when the coach saw him running at recess.  The first two track meets were run in 40 degree weather with 40 MPH wind gusts.  Not the most desirable weather.

 He did the long jump.  His best jump was 13 feet 8 inches.

He  ran in the 4 X 100 relay.  His team came in 3rd at the final meet.  

He also ran the 200 yard dash and came in 3rd.