Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the winner is...

Tito selected Claudio. Since Monique was the first one to agree with my choice, she will receive an autographed picture of Tito and Claudio. And since Nathan whined, he and Stacy will receive a copy also.

Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too. Tito is home from rehab and is doing great. He was not up for attending Christmas Eve service, so Nathan, Stacy and I went. Before we left the house I presented them the bedding I finally almost finished (I still need to do a little quilting). This picture doesn't show them, but there are more sheets in the color scheme.

On Christmas day, Nathan, Stacy, Carrie and Dave were here for brunch and gifts. They then went to their other families, friends for the afternoon. It wasn't too long for Tito and he took a long nap after they left. We are all looking forward to Kaiden being here next Christmas, he will be about 11 months old. He received gifts from Dave, Grandpa Jerry and this one from Nathan's boss. What happens at Grandma's house, stays at Grandma's house!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Memories

I was a little blue over the weekend because Tito is still in rehab for his knee and we do not know when he will be home (hopefully before Christmas - hopefully before this weekend). A few things lifted my spirits - Friday night was Crazy Bunco and Sunday was our Women's Group Christmas Brunch and ornament exchange. Both events are looked forward to all year and both made me laugh.

Rocco also stayed with me and we went to visit Tito on Saturday. He brought smiles to many faces.

I was sitting Sunday afternoon and noticed the Sock Reindeer that was a gift to Nathan on his first Christmas. (I know it is his and I really do have good intentions to make my own, I am only keeping it for a pattern!). I started thinking about all the Christmas memories with Nathan - his second Christmas when he redecorated one or two branches of the tree everyday - the year he had to have the Fisher Price Western Town and carried the ad around for weeks (he also let us know that it wasn't the right one because the color of the roof in the ad was different) - the Christmas Eve he proposed to Stacy - so many wonderful memories.

Next year he and Stacy will start their own memories with Kaiden and so will we.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Contest - Great Prize

Tito had knee replacement surgery on Thursday. He is doing well - his rehab slow but sure. We left the house early on Thursday as it was snowing quite hard at the time. The roads were not as bad as expected and we got to the hospital early and had time to browse in the gift shop. During the surgery, I went back and bought this little guy. This is the first thing I have really purchased for the baby (other than material for the bedding). I plan on keeping it at our house for Kaiden. Tito thinks he should be named Uncle Traveling Giraffe. This is his nod to Fraggle Rock (he is still disappointed the baby his not going to be called Gobo!). I think he should be Claudio. So we are having a contest - enter your suggestion in the comments section or e-mail them to me. Tito promises an autographed picture of him with the giraffe. How could you pass that up?