Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas this year was subdued.  Kaiden came over not feeling well and spent the afternoon in bed.  Gavin started feeling bad after we ate and slept the rest of the day.  Barbara and Gary left early as Barbara was having shoulder replacement in 2 days and did not want to get sick. 

We did have a nice meal and exchanged gifts.  Kaiden perked up enough to open his gifts.  

Monday, December 24, 2018


 A few weeks ago the word tradition came up in a conversation and Trevin didn't know what it meant.  I explained it to him and he said that's like when we get together every year and decorate cookies for Christmas and then eat one when we go look at Christmas lights and we haven't done that yet this year.

So yesterday we decorated cookies and then went to look at the Christmas lights.

They get pretty creative with what they can find - pretzels, peanuts, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, marshmallows along with sprinkles - plenty of sprinkles.

This was the first year Gavin took part in the tradition.  He was very excited.
Mostly about eating the decorations.

He was very excited about looking at the Christmas lights.  I hope we get to do this tradition for many more years.