Sunday, December 31, 2017

Catch Up

I have neglected this blog.  I have been so busy trying to get used to our new normal since Tito was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in August.  I have neglected many things.  I want to continue to use this blog as a way to keep track of these grandchildren who are growing so fast and changing daily.  I have many pictures that need to be downloaded and added and will try to work on them a little each week.  Today I came across a slip of paper with some notes about the boys - things I didn't want to forget.  So I am adding them here now along with some recent things while they are still fresh in my mind.  Some of these things happened a few years ago.

One Sunday after I read the scriptures at church and returned to my seat, Trevin asked me why I did that.  I told him it was one way I helped at church.  He thought a moment and said, "You're not God".

Both of the older boys say they like the communion wafers we use at church (I imagine they taste like Styrofoam would taste).  Kaiden asked if we could buy some so they could eat them at home.

Once when the boys spent the night, their toothbrushes had not been packed, so I had them put toothpaste on their finger and brush their teeth that way. The next time I picked them up to stay at our  house, Trevin was taking his toothbrush out and trying to leave it at home - he said he wanted to use this finger again.

I do not want to forget how Trevin would say "all the day" instead of "all day long".

I do not want to forget how Gavin scrunches up his face just like Kaiden did at that age.  

I do not want to forget how Gavin growls when he wants more to drink or eat or how he squeals with delight when he sees birds flying by.

I was walking the boys home from the bus stop when numerous geese were flying overhead.  I asked Trevin where he thought they were going and without even thinking he replied "to the pond to poop"

One afternoon at the bus stop the boys asked if they could go to a friends house to play, I told them no since I had not talked to their parents about this subject, but told them they could stay at the park to play (it is visible from their house) and walk home when their friends did.  I had driven that day and once I drove around the traffic circle and came back by the park (no more than 2-3 minutes) the boys were not there.  Panic set in, their friends' house was visited - they were not there. I called their parents who could not think of another friend.  Stacy was only a couple of minutes from home and I was just hanging up with here when the boys appeared in the driveway.  "Where have you been?"  Dominic's house (not the original friend).  After the discussion of you scared us to death, you can't wander off, etc was over and I had asked how they disappeared so fast, Kaiden said "you kept us talking for so long, we had to really run fast to catch up with him."  The next thing said was from Kaiden " I think I need my hearing checked because I am sure you said we could play at Dominic's"  to which Trevin with all sincerity and certainty that it would explain everything said "He has a trampoline".  I am sure one day this will seem very funny, but I still can recall the total panic I felt when I had to call their parents and say "I lost the boys."