Friday, April 29, 2016

The Train to the Plane

The boys have been asking to ride the white train everytime we see it.  The white train is our light rail system.  Last weekend was the opening of the newest route on the system - the train from the refurbished Union Station to the airport.  All trains were free!
So we drove to one of the park n rides and waited for the correct train.  Trevin didn't understand that we couldn't just get on the first train that showed up.
Finally our white train pulled into the station.
Kaiden was actually more excited than this picture shows.  It is just hard to get a picture where they are both looking at your, smiling, etc - this was the best of the bunch.
When we got downtown there were many things going in for the grand opening.  Here the boys are listening to a safety talk about train crossings.
RTD has a campaign called Dumb Ways to Die - such as lighting your hair on fire, keeping a pet rattlesnake, crossing tracks when a train is coming.  This was actually one of Kaiden's favorite things from the day.
There were so many people riding the train to the airport that we did not get to sit with Tito on the way to the airport.
Trevin spent most of the trip looking out the window.  His favorite part was when the train went up and over the highway.  Kaiden's other favorite part was when the train going the opposite way sped by at 79 mph.
These two pics are the only ones I got inside Union Station.  It has been restored nicely.  I remember sitting on these benches when I was a little girl waiting for my Aunt to come to town. 
See it takes more than a couple of pictures to get both of them at their best!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Roly Poly Named Ladybug

One day when I was on vacation and we had Trevin, we walked to the mailbox. He found a bug on the sidewalk and asked me what it was. I told him it was a roly poly and showed him how it rolled up. He carried it home and told Tito he needed a jar so he could keep it.
I was surprised it made it through the day because he kept taking it out to let it crawl around. 
He kept calling it a ladybug and I kept correcting him that it was a roly poly.  Finally he told me "His name is Ladybug". 
He took it when his Mom picked him up, but dropped it in the car on the way home.  He wasn't as upset about that as his Mom was.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Vacation

I was not able to take vacation during Kaiden's spring break, but the boys did stay at our house for 3 days so I did get to enjoy some time with both of them. My spring vacation was the week following so I did get to spend 2 days with Trevin (Tito takes care of him 2 days a week). The first day we had him after Easter, he wanted to hunt eggs again.

He is very good at finding the eggs and at hiding them for Tito, but not very good at keeping the hiding places a secret.  He kept telling me not to let Tito know their was an egg in his shoe.
Then when Tito didn't find one fast enough for him, he kept pointing to at while Tito kept looking everywhere else.  Trevin got a little frustrated over this.
I cleaned some closets and drawers that needed attention badly and Trevin helped me.  For some reason, I had wooden skewers scattered in drawers.  After we gathered them up, Trevin arranged them all pointed ends up so we could bundle them - such great concentration!

He then helped Tito put a rubber band around them to keep them together in the drawer.

After we got everything out of one drawer by our coffee pot and toaster we found grounds, crumbs and sugar.  He looked at it and said "that's disgusting", so I gave him the vacuum to clean it up.