Thursday, January 1, 2015


I need to be more consistent about writing down the things the kids say and do that I don't want to forget, because I do.  I will be driving to work and think of something and say I need to write that down or I am going to forget it, then a couple days later I think "now what was that again?"  But here are a few things I have remember long enough to write them down.

  • I am convinced Trevin is either going to be a comedian or the world's biggest tease since my father.  After he finally started saying Gram he has taken to calling Tito "Toto".  Tito keeps correcting him, but he will just say Toto again and smile the biggest smile.
  • One day I complimented Kaiden on sharing something with his brother.  He told me "Mom told me I needed to share and I thought about it and decided it was good, so I do".
  • The other day we stopped by the kid's house and when we were ready to leave I think Trevin thought he was coming with us.  When it came clear he wasn't, he pointed to our car and said "Time to go".
  • I want to always remember Trevin's sweet voice singing "Let it go, Let it go"
  • I love when Kaiden says "This is the best day ever." or "That's the way God made me."
  • The way Trevin galloped to the park to meet Kaiden's bus.
  • The delight on Kaiden's face when he figures out words he can read and spell.
  • Trevin going up for children's sermons even when Kaiden doesn't go up.
  • The boys skipping and singing "Skip to my loop".
  • Trevin's sweet voice waking me up even if it is at 4 a.m.