Monday, May 24, 2021

Trevin is 9!

Trevin turned nine on May 11th.  The Saturday before his birthday the grandparents gathered for cake and ice cream.
It was a rainy chilly day but that didn't stop him from trying out his new scooter.  Love that smile

The day before his birthday we took him to the rec center to swim and come down the slides.  He was a little hesitant at first to come down the big slide but I told him I would do it if he did.  I did it once, he must have come down 30 times. 

Once was enough for me.  I ended up loosing my float, bumping my head, elbow and jamming my toe against the side and came out of the tube swallowing water and was enough for me.  I'm glad there is no picture of me standing up sputtering water and having the lifeguard checking to make sure I was ok.

It was a fun day.  We really enjoy taking each boy out on an outing for their birthdays.  I hope they remember these days much longer than they would a material gift. 

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